Abundance of Homes with Old Roofs may Boost Roofing Industry

Despite a diversity of various roofers charging comparably lower service rates, as well as insurance companies offering more flexible contractor general liability insurance programs for clients, the vast majority of residence rooftops in Lee County are amongst the oldest within Florida.

According to studies, only four percent of Lee County single-family dwellings constructed before 2002 had their roof modified during that span of time. As a matter of fact, Lee ranked no. 7 for having the lowest percentage of residential single-family roofs permitted in 2002 or later.

Today, with the economy improving, and contractor insurance liability policies becoming more “client-friendly”, experts from the roofing industry believe that roofers should be able to capitalize on the need of locals to have their rooftops repaired or replaced sometime soon.

While roofing companies report that the blows dealt by the economy meltdown back in 2008 has dealt its fair share of financial harm to the middle classes, which subsequently had negative impacts on their businesses, they also report notable increases in business activity within Lee County.

In addition, many of the houses within the county were hit hard by Charley in 2004, which has prompted observers to believe that an abundance of homeowners will be requiring repairs or modifications within the next couple of years.

These recent reports on the number of old roofs in Lee have caught many operators within the industry, — such as Trish Crockett, secretary and office manager for Nastar Roofing — by surprise.

“That is surprising because there was a mass of re-roofs during that time with Hurricane Charley,” said Crockett.

She also explains how their business went through a slowdown after completing numerous roofing jobs in counties battered by Charley. While Crockett notes that business has begun picking slowly as the economy started recovering, she also notes that some folks are holding off from availing repair services and trying to get as much time as possible out of their roof.

Thanks to new roofing companies offering more affordable services and quality materials; as well as extensive contractor general liability insurance policies, homeowners across the U.S. are now able to have qualified experts repair, modify or replace their rooftops at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, improved contractor insurance liability policies also negate the financial risks shouldered by roofers as well, thereby making it a win-win situation for contractors and their clients.

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