Benefits of Roofing Liability Insurance

As a roofing contractor, chances are that while you might be able to make an offer on a project without having roofing liability insurance, this will likely be required once the work is about to start. Additionally, you will have to provide proof of this insurance in order to unpack your equipment and tools and get to work. The homeowner could ask for this as well as the building owner or even the local municipality or other government agency. Fortunately for you, InsuranceForRoofingContractors is able to provide you with the lowest rates on roofing liability insurance due to their ability to find multiple quotes.

Insurance Policy Guidelines

As you might suspect, the cost for having roofing liability insurance will vary according to how much protection you need and the specific type of job or work that is to be performed. In most cases, you should expect the owner of the property to want a minimum of $1 million in general roofing liability insurance before you would be accepted for their project. In some cases, you would not even be able to bid unless you met this requirement. The good news when purchasing this insurance through InsuranceForRoofingContractors is that we can tailor several payment plans in order to be able to accommodate your budget.

Making Insurance Payments

There are also options that can help you to keep initial roofing liability insurance payments low. This is great news, especially if you are a new company and/or have limited capital resources. You will most likely be required to make a low down payment, but the remaining premium can be paid off over the course of the year. This is also another reason that we go out and obtain multiple quotes on your behalf. InsuranceForRoofingContractors also recognizes that sometimes terms are just as important as costs in finding the right roofing liability insurance policy for you and your business.

Liability Protection Included

Generally speaking, your roofing liability insurance will include protection against five basic categories of business liability. This includes bodily injury that might occur, whether at your own place of business or on a client’s site. Completed operations liability covers you from losses that occur after the work has been completed such as repairing appliances or installing wiring. Personal injury is also included, and this category can be rather broad, encompassing more than just bodily injury. Some policies may even cover losses caused by your advertising, spoken or written. There may also be coverage for medical payments for people injured on your premises (as well as on a work site) and even protection against damages caused by the acts of independent contractors your business hired. InsuranceForRoofingContractors takes all of these coverage types into consideration when obtaining your roofing liability insurance.

Your Roofing Liability Insurance Experts

You have certain come to the right place. At InsuranceForRoofingContractors, we aim to be the most comprehensive source for satisfying all of your roofing liability insurance needs. Once we know your concerns and desires, we go about obtaining multiple quotes from a variety of sources in order to obtain the lowest rate possible for your business.