Commonly Overlooked Protections Offered By Roofing Contractor Liability Insurance

As a roofing contractor you already understand that you are involved in a high risk business. Your need to have strong roofing contractor liability insurance to protect you against all types of possibilities. While everyone is probably very much aware of a number of different kinds of protections that are included in such roofing contractor liability insurance policies, there are also a number of protections that many businesses and contractors end up forgetting or overlooking. Here is a little run down to refresh your memory.

Protection against damaging property

By this we do not really mean that the roof your company installed was faulty (although that fact is generally also covered under most roofing contractor liability insurance policies). Instead, you should worried about an employee or contracted worker actually causing damage to the already existing property. Perhaps they damaged another structure unrelated to the roof, as an example. If this leads to that particular property being unusable a lawsuit is very likely. Fortunately, this is one area where your roofing contractor liability insurance coverage comes to the rescue.

Claims related to completed products

In some situations, you might end up facing what is known as a completed product lawsuit. In your roofing contractor liability insurance policy, this should be described as a claim that relates to the product you have installed. The roof could end up leaking and the water causes the homeowner to slip and fall, injuring themselves. Even if you are found to be liable, most likely the roofing contractor liability insurance will provide you protection up to the legal limits of your policy.

Personal and advertising injury claims or lawsuits

This is a very often overlooked piece of your roofing contractor liability insurance. It should also be noted that this will not be present in every policy, so you might want to actually take a look to see for yourself. Even still, if you do advertise your business, this coverage is pretty helpful. This part of your roofing contractor liability insurance will protect you against copying the advertising of another business or infringing on any brands or copyrights. Yes, this is very technical, but there are people employed as attack dogs to find any type of infringement.

Use a professional to cover all options

To cover all your bases, consider having a professional company help with your roofing contractor liability insurance search. Father and Son Insurance can help to explain all your options and find you the lowest rates, based on multiple quotes. Get your free quote now!

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