Coverage Not Included With Your Roofing Contractor Insurance

If you are looking to purchase roofing contractor insurance you should keep in mind that you might not have all types of liability coverage included. There are a few types of liability and insurance that you will need to purchase separately such as workers compensation, business auto insurance, professional liability insurance for omissions, and environmental liability. These types of insurance can be purchased separately, however, and at Insurance for Roofing Contractors we can help you find quality options for these types of coverage if they are needed.

More information about the liability not covered by roofing contractor insurance

Workers compensation insurance offers coverage for on the job injuries to your company’s workers. It is very important to have, and equally as important as roofing contractor insurance, as it is required by law. You may be fined or penalized for working without this insurance. Professional liability insurance protects you from claims of negligence in your roofing business, and you may need to purchase this in addition to roofing contractor insurance. It covers court fees, legal fees and other out of pocket costs to you.

Business auto insurance and environmental liability may be purchased separately

Business auto insurance covers any damage caused by your commercial vehicles, and it is necessary to cover any vehicles specifically used in your business. This insurance is also required by law, and covers a wide range of different types of liability including bodily injury, medical payments, property damage liability, and personal injury protection. Environmental liability covers any damage that your roofing business causes to the environment that may result in fines or fees, such as any type of improper construction waste disposal.

Get more information about roofing contractor insurance coverage before you buy

There are many details involved in roofing contractor insurance coverage, and you should consider working with a roofing insurance specialist to help you determine what type of insurance you will need. At Insurance for Roofing Contractors we are highly experienced insurance experts who can help you determine the level of coverage you need, and we can explain what types of liability coverage will not be included in your roofing contractor insurance plan so that you can get all of the coverage you need, and so there won’t be any surprises if you need to file a claim. Get started today with a free quote from us and protect your personal assets from liability.

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