Finding the Right Roofing Liability Insurance for you

Every roofing contractor is looking to find the perfect roofing liability insurance policy for their situation. The key element of this is to understand that every company has a unique situation. Therefore, there is not a single one-size fits all type of roofing liability insurance solution. This also means that your company should be prepared to actually do some research and comparison shopping. That is the best way to find the best value in roofing liability insurance policies.

Understand what is needed

The first part of this equation is very simply to understand what you need in terms of a roofing liability insurance policy. That means to know what you want to have covered as well as what absolutely must be covered. In fact, it can even help to sit down and make out a list even before looking at your very first roofing liability insurance company and/or policy. This can include things like a high overall limit along with maybe even a special umbrella plan. This way, you can already start off by limiting your search to only those roofing liability insurance plans which might work for your situation.

Focus on your deductibles

You may also want to focus on your roofing liability insurance deductibles, since these can really influence your prices. It is a well-known fact that one of the best ways to lower your premium prices is by raising your deductible. Obviously, you never want to raise this so high that it would things unaffordable should there ever be a claim filed. As you search and start seeing some good policies, start playing around with the amount of your deductibles, just to see what happens to your rates. You be amazed to see how much they can drop for an affordable increase in your up-front deductible.

Know what your industry requires

In some cases, your specific type of industry might dictate some important constraints to your roofing liability insurance. This could mean a generally accepted liability limit. In most cases, this will likely be $1 million. However, there are some roofing specialties and areas where the normal coverage amount might actually be $2 million, or even more, and you should find out what your particular industry requires.

We can help with the insurance search

Another interesting alternative is to have Father and Son Insurance help in your roofing liability insurance search. By obtaining multiple quotes, they can ensure you get the lowest prices and highest value that meets all your requirements. Get your free quote here.

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