How to Find the Right Roofing Insurance

As a contractor, you already know the importance of having all your bases covered. This means that your employees are properly trained and that you all the needed tools and materials. Many businesses never stop to give much thought to their roofing insurance needs. This is a critical element that cannot be overlooked since even just one lawsuit could not only put you out of business but without proper roofing insurance it could financially break you. Here are some tips for finding the best roofing insurance for your needs.

How much roofing insurance do you need?

This is really the critical question. The answer will depend on a number of factors. For example, which are do you conduct most of your business? Obviously, higher cost areas of the country like the northeast will probably demand more overall roofing insurance compared to if you conduct business in the deep south. It may also depend on the type of structures that benefit from most of your work. Your roofing insurance needs will be very different if you focus on large commercial businesses and structures rather than residential houses.

Consider additional liability coverage

Another important factor in determining your needs for roofing insurance will be what, if any additional liability coverage is needed. For example, you might need to have insurance to protect against damages that faulty work causes to the existing structure. This will help in the something like a roof leak over a long weekend ended up causing interior damage to a commercial warehouse. In some cases, especially if your business is engaged in marketing you might might want to consider adding some type of product liability protection to your roofing insurance coverage.

What are you expecting to pay?

This is another big question. The best way to answer it might be to take a look at competitors that are of similar size and find out how much roofing insurance they have and what coverage costs. Depending on the stage of your business the pricing structure might seem reasonable or a bit high. There is a little bit of room in here for massaging which can be accomplished through decisions such as increasing your deductible and maybe even cutting out certain types of non-essential insurance.

Use multiple quotes before deciding

Another big help in the process should be to never make a decision before seeing multiple quotes. This is where Father and Son Insurance comes in, since we do obtain multiple quotes and ensure you always find the best deal and value. Get your free quote here.

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