Insurance for Roofing Contractors

Insurance for roofing contractorsInsurance for roofing contractors is commonly referred to as General Liability Insurance. It is a mandatory requirement in order get roofing jobs especially in the commercial arena.  It is also a licensing and a permit requirement in many cities, towns and villages.  In order to replace a roof, decking, leaders or gutters a roofing contractor will be required to produce a certificate of insurance to obtain the permit or license. Another aspect of insurance for roofing contractors is that if you decide to work for a GC, he will also require your roofing company to produce certificates of insurance.

You may be wondering why you need insurance as a roofing contractor. The primary reason is roofing is considered a very dangerous occupation with a propensity for a high risk of accidents occurring as roofers go about their work. These accidents tend to cause severe damage to property, injuries or even death to employees and non-employees. General Liability Insurance helps in protecting against long and draining lawsuits which could cause a contractor to get wiped out financially.

Insurance for roofing contractors will  also ensure that you stay in business. It is practically impossible to get clients without insurance since everyone knows that the best roofers are not only qualified, well trained, and certified but they also have proper insurance coverage. It gives both you and your clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that in case of an accident or accidents, you, your employees, and the client will be taken care of. The client is also secure in the knowledge that your roofing company is not only armed with certified professionals but that it is also stable financially by providing proof of general liability insurance. This encourages them to trust you and your company and refer others to your company, which in turn increases your revenue.

Insurance for roofing contractors, however, does not include compensation for workers in case they are injured or hurt while working on the job. Work Comp is a separate policy. It is also a statutory requirement to have a Work Comp policy and a Disability policy. If you are fortunate to have subcontractors work for you, it is also important for the subcontractor to have their own General Liability Insurance and Work Comp Policy. This will significantly reduce your liability as the company owner and employer. Be extra careful to collect certificates of insurance for subcontractor proof of insurance.

Providers of insurance for roofing contractors avail them at different rates which are customized to meet all clients’ needs.  This is because different roofing companies have got different insurance needs depending on the type of work and risk involved, including the region or state where the construction is taking place and financial situation. It is not easy to determine which company will provide the best and most affordable insurance that will provide you with effective coverage. One way to find the best protection at the best possible prices is to consult with  an insurance broker like us who can shop the entire market place for you saving you both valuable time and money.


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