Performing Temporary Roof Repairs after a Storm

To ensure that a roof lasts the test of time, it’s vital for all homeowners to hire reliable contractors (whose work is guaranteed by in-depth contractor general liability insurance) for the job. However, no matter how well-built a rooftop may be, there’ll gradually come a time when immediate repairs will become necessary after sustaining enough damage from Mother Nature.

Once a storm passes by, residents are advised to inspect their rooftops for damage. If the necessary fixes are extensive, then it’ll be likely specialists will be needed for the job. However, finding a team that’ll do it for reasonable prices — as well as finding a contractor insurance quote that’s easy on the pocket – may take some time.

With that in mind, a homeowner simply cannot wait for the professionals to step in and perform permanent repairs, especially when there’s a good chance it’ll rain before they finally arrive. That said, homeowners are advised to perform basic temporary repairs in the meantime.

While professional skills aren’t necessary to implement temporary repairs, personal safety should be made a priority. Professional roofers are required by law to present contractor general liability insurance certificates to ensure that untoward accidents – including bodily harm — are financially compensated if/when they happen.

After inspecting and identifying the areas causing leaks on the rooftop, homeowners can either use a water-proof canvas or tarpaulin sheet to cover the structurally compromised areas.

To do this, the help of family members or friends (who aren’t afraid of heights or working on slanted planes elevated above the ground) will be necessary. The material used to cover damaged areas should be placed as tight to the roof as possible. After doing so, the temporary cover should be strapped to the roof using nails and rope, so that gusts of wind don’t blow it off.

This short-term fix should be able to ward-off rain – as well as allow homeowners to save enough money necessary for permanent repairs — long enough for the pros to come in.

Again, folks should ensure that the right team of specialists is hired for the job, and that their work is covered by a suitable contractor general liability insurance policy. Keep in mind that the associated cost for a contractor insurance quote is dependent on the extent of its coverage, as well as the company providing the insurance policy.

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