Roofing Contractor Liability Insurance Protects Workers & Contractors

As a roofing contractor, chances are pretty good that you have a number of different workers. This can include third-party and contracted workers who end up becoming a big part of your business. Even still, this also constitutes a number of risks. Protecting yourself, your company, and these workers from risks is the real purpose of roofing contractor liability insurance. It is a very litigious environment in the world today, so finding adequate roofing contractor liability insurance to help protect your workers and contractors is an important step for every business owner.

Accidents can happen—protect against bodily injury

Yes, accidents can happen anywhere, no matter how careful you are. Your roofing contractor liability insurance policy should recognize that fact and also be able to protect any of your workers or third-party contractors if they should ever be injured in an accident while on the job. As far as actual hired employees are concerned, a business owner will probably not be able to cover them under a roofing contractor liability insurance policy. Instead, look into worker’s compensation insurance.

Also covers untrained visitors

Although they are not your workers, nor technically even your responsibility, a number of untrained visitors typically walk through or enter a construction or job site. It is nice to know that your roofing contractor liability insurance policy will also generally cover them. These could be the executives of other companies or even just curious people looking to see how the progression of the job is going. Accidents can certainly happen while these untrained visitors are too busy looking at something rather than paying attention to their safety. Make sure that your roofing contractor liability insurance policy will include these types of accidents and/or injuries in order to give yourself complete peace of mind.

Protection against property damage claims

Another big area that every type of roofing contractor liability insurance policy should include is property damage. Certainly, you aim at doing quality work. However, sometimes, mistakes are made. If the new roof installation did not go as planned there could be repercussions that might include the home or facility owner filing a lawsuit. In such a case, your roofing contractor liability insurance will protect you and ensure that the company can survive such a situation.

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