Roofing Insurance Contractor: The Danger of Roof Collapse

The metal frame of the car protects its passengers during an automobile accident. When the car is involved in a serious accident and rolls over, the support structure of the roof and its structural integrity become essential to the safety of the passengers inside the vehicle. However there are instances when details such as installation, materials, and defective manufacturing can result to the car roof being prone to collapse under great forces, putting the individuals inside the vehicle at risk for grave injury that can even result to death.

Under excellent circumstances, the support system of the car roof will be able to hold up against the extreme forces that the passengers might be subjected to during the car rollover. Passengers will be shaken up even with the proper use of the safety belt but hopefully be able to avoid any serious neck or head injury from slamming against the cabin roof. However if the roof’s support beams fail, the roof is more likely to crush down into the headspace of the cabin.

A collapse of the car roof increases the risk of suffering head trauma when the vehicle inverts as it rolls over. However this is not the only hazard that might be experienced during the accident. The collapse can also lead to the explosion of the car’s windshield and windows with glass shards flying into the car’s interior, injuring the passengers. The roofs crashing down will result to the doors opening and the passengers getting ejected from the car, especially if seatbelts are not used. While a serious vehicle accident is likely to cause some people serious injury, a car roof collapse also increases the risk of suffering broken bones, paralysis, brain injury, neck and head trauma, or loss of life.

If there is proof that the failure of the car roof to meet the standard integrity is due to negligence on the part of the manufacturer, then the manufacturer will be liable for the damages caused by such defects. The passengers and drivers entrust their safety and their lives in the hands of the vehicle manufacturers and any violation of this trust can result to catastrophe. Individuals can seriously suffer injury or get killed and the vehicle companies will be required to spend huge amount of money for settlements and legal actions. If the individuals believe that the roof collapse was due to defects in manufacturing, then they are more likely to receive compensations including roofer insurance or insurance contractor benefits if the vehicle is owned by a company or contractor.

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