Roofing Repair: Dangers to Avoid

Roofing repairs can be dangerous if an individual is not cautious enough. Slipping and falling from the roof while doing the repair can cause major injury or even death.

Safety Considerations

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration or OSHA indicated that falls are the 3rd leading cause of death in construction-related fatalities. Besides slipping due to unprotected roofs, ladder falls have the highest occurrence related to any house maintenance. The following should be considered by people working on hazardous repairs:

• Fall Protection Systems: OSHA has a number of these specified in a workplace, which can also be used when performing house roofing repairs. Safety nets, guard rails, and personal fall arrest systems are the system types specified by the agency, which can be applied for such repairs.

• Ladder: Before climbing the rooftop using a ladder, make sure that a stable ladder is used. The manufacturer’s manual will be able to provide the ladder’s maximum capacity when it comes to weight. The manual will also contain the instructions on the proper set up and position of the ladder.

• Contractor: Hiring contractors with contractor insurance is recommended for homes that are two stories and above and home roofs with serious damage. Climbing a steep rooftop is hazardous and not advisable.

• Damaged Areas, Ice, and Snow: To avoid slipping and falling from the housetop, do not walk on seriously damaged portions where there are loose tiles and shingles. Also, avoid walking on roofs covered with ice or snow because they are extremely slippery.

• Dry Roof: Make sure that the roof is dry before attempting to fix it to avoid any accident such as slipping and falling off the rooftop.

• Power Tools: Observe safety when using power tools. Wear gloves and make sure that the tools are plugged into a ground fault-protected outlet. Ear protection should also be worn when using power tools that are excessively noisy.

Inaccessible Portions

Hard-to-access housetop areas can be dangerous so the use of appropriate protection and safety gear is recommended. The safety harness is one important tool that can be used to access the hard-to-reach roof areas. To avoid threats of falling, it is important to read the instructions on the proper use of the harness and follow them accordingly.

Roof repairs can still be done best by experienced professionals with IT contractor insurance. However it is always important for both novices and professionals who are performing the task to take precautions to avoid any accidents. Safety gears like the harness together with common sense will be able to make the task safe and easy.

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