The Benefits of Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing contractor insurance can save you a substantial amount of money by protecting you from personal liability in case something goes wrong on a project. There are many benefits for having roofing contractor insurance. One of the main benefits is that you will be more likely to get clients, as most of your clients want to be sure that you are fully licensed and insured before starting a project. If you are unable to prove that you are insured upfront you may lose out on valuable clients, and losing just one client is not worth the money that you think you might save by avoiding insurance.

Your personal wealth is protected with roofing contractor insurance

The most important benefit that roofing contractor insurance provides is the protection of your personal wealth from potential lawsuits that can arise in many situations when working on roofing projects. If there is a claim against you, your insurance will cover the costs including medical costs of people injured on a roofing project, property damage costs, and other costs. There is a maximum payout for most policies based on the monthly premium that you pay, the deductible, the type of work that you do and other factors, but the maximum is very high for most policies – high enough to where your own money would be protected.

Roofing contractor insurance can cover many potential costs

Roofing contractor insurance can cover many different costs that may arise if there is a lawsuit against you or property damage. Your insurance company will handle any potential legal issues and you will not need to hire your own lawyer, which can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Your company will also cover medical costs and other personal injury claims if you or one of your workers injures someone while on the job.

Get insurance because you can’t plan for tomorrow

Even though you might be an expert roofer, you never know what can go wrong on your next project. There are too many variables with any project that you can’t control, and roofing contractor insurance protects you from the unexpected. Don’t take any risks with your personal wealth while working, you definitely need to have a good insurance policy in place before you start your next project. If you already have roofing contractor insurance you might also be able to find better coverage. Get a quote from us today to see the rates you are eligible for and to get covered before your next project.

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