The Roofing Contractor That’ll Screw You Over

Roofing Contractors | Insurance for RoofersThey wear decent uniforms with logos clearly displaying their company’s name, and even manage to present contractor all risk insurance certificates that seem legit. Unfortunately, a printed t-shirt and a folder containing roofer insurance documents which were supposedly issued by their insurer isn’t a reliable method for identifying reputable specialists in this trade.

The roofing industry is highly unregulated, which gives fly-by-night operators an excellent opportunity to cheat consumers who don’t take the time to research and check the legitimacy of the business they contract for repairing their roofs.

Scamming a customer is extremely convenient for a number of reasons, of which includes the fact that the typical homeowner is incapable of inspecting their rooftops for damage that wasn’t fixed, or is unable to get on the top of their houses to begin with.

There’s a good chance that a homeowner won’t know that he’s been scammed until a past problem –which was supposed to be fixed — recurs, which is likely to be a leak. On the other hand, it may take a while for the individual to find out other issues weren’t addressed, such that of a poorly insulated roof.

By the time the customer tries to call the crooks and request for a back job, these hoodlums would have probably changed names and traveled elsewhere to scam someone else. Calling the roofer insurance company to make claims for professional malpractice or the resulting damage due to their negligent work won’t work either, as they most likely had the certificates printed by another crook that specializes in producing knock-off certificates.

Thousands of dollars could be saved by homeowners if they’d only take the time to hire reputable roofers only. This can be done by getting references from fellow neighbors within the community. Getting several individuals (as many as possible) to vouch for the company before ultimately making the hiring decision is always a good way to find the right guys for the job.

A reputable organization must have at least seven years of successful industry experience before being hired, as most roofers eventually go out of business within one to five years of operation.

Most importantly, check the validity of their roofer insurance policies by calling their insurer. In addition, ensuring that the policies give ample protection – similar to that of a contractor all risk insurance policy – to all parties involved is crucial to ensure that defective work, untoward accidents, and physical injuries are taken care of financially.

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