Tips for Getting on the Rooftop During Winter

Snow on Roof | InsuranceIf a homeowner thinks that getting on the rooftop during winter is a perfectly safe thing to do, then he needs to get his head checked. State law requires roofers to have contractor general liability insurance policies before accepting any job during anytime of the year for good reasons.

Contractor business insurance was designed to protect the roofing enterprise against various risks, of which one of the biggest includes bodily harm.

If there’s always a small chance that something goes wrong to a trained professional in summer, then what are the odds of an accident happening to an inexperienced homeowner climbing on a rooftop filled with slippery snow and ice?

That being said, the first tip is to use an extension ladder (instead of a step ladder) – the rungs of this device should be placed three inches above the eave line. It should also be fastened securely – tight enough so that it doesn’t slide from side to side — to the gutter or close pipe using a piece of rope.

The bottom of the ladder should be firmly planted onto the ground where there’s no snow or ice around. Moreover, the footsteps of the ladder should be checked and wiped clean.

Second tip is to clean and dry the bottom of the boots that’ll be used for ascending the ladder. As the homeowner goes up, the “3 point rule” should be observed at all times. Formations which are acceptable in this rule include “two feet, one hand” and “two hands, one foot”.

Third tip is to remove the snow on the roof using a plastic shovel as thoroughly as possible. While doing the deed, it’s important that the homeowner keeps his body’s core inside the ladder rails at all times.

If there’s a layer of ice on the rooftop, then placing some salt to thaw the membrane will be necessary. After dissolving the membrane, wipe the surface with a dry towel. Repeat process for other areas of the roof to be safe.

Roofers understand the dangers involved while working during the winter, which is why it’s imperative that these companies avail contractor general liability insurance prior to taking any job. Nevertheless, while a contractor business insurance policy will shoulder the worker’s wage and medical benefits in the event of injury, it doesn’t protect these injuries from occurring in the first place.

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