Types of Roofing Insurance for Contractors

The importance of roofing insurance cannot be overstated today. Everything has become much more litigious so this is certainly one of the very best ways to protect yourself, your business and your employees. There is a lot that can go wrong and having the proper amount and type of roofing insurance will assure that everyone can be made whole and your company continues its operation without being forced to shut down and close its doors. This brings up the question of what are the main types of roofing insurance available to contractors these days?

General liability roofing insurance for contractors

The first place to start would be with a solid general liability roofing insurance plan. Basically, this is a plan that will help to keep your company protected against most unexpected problems. This type of coverage will help with customer liability issues like bodily injury and even property damage that might have been caused by one of your employees. Many contractors also don’t realize that general liability coverage usually also protects against damage that results from natural disasters.

Watch the policy for specifics and exclusions

Another aspect of this type of roofing insurance is that it also covers against product and advertising liability issues, at least to a certain extent. However, you want to be sure to read your particular roofing insurance policy just to be sure. Most issues should be covered as long as there are not specific exclusions written into the policy. A great feature is that this type of insurance is able to grow with your company for the most part.

Business owners policy for roofing contractors

Another type of roofing insurance is the business owners policy. The most interesting thing about this type of policy is that it can be very much specifically tailored to your business situation. While it does offer general liability coverage, the specifics will depend upon what you decide to add. There are really lots of options that can be included. An example might be coverage for equipment breakdown. After all, your tools and equipment can be very specialized and expensive. Not to mention the time it might take to be replaced.

Compare many different policies

In order to determine the best type of roofing insurance policy for your needs, compare a number of different options. This is the only way to really find the best option. Fortunately, Father and Son Insurance can help by obtaining multiple quotes and always offering customers the best value and prices. Get your free quote today!

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