Ways to Save on Roofing Contractor Insurance

If you need roofing contractor insurance but haven’t purchased it yet, you may have been waiting because of a concern about the costs. Roofing contractor insurance can be much more affordable than you think, and there are several ways to reduce your costs so that you can operate your business with insurance. You don’t have to purchase a higher level of coverage if you don’t need it, and you can save money by purchasing a lower maximum level of coverage, as long as it meets the minimum required for your state and business needs.

Get quotes from several providers

Recently rates for roofing contractor insurance have increased at some insurance providers. The best way to save money on roofing contractor insurance is to get quotes from several different providers and compare them, as well as the type of coverage that they are offering. At Insurance for Roofing Contractors you can get roofing contractor insurance quotes from several different providers, and we can find you the lowest rate possible and save you time on having to shop for the insurance yourself. We will also make sure that we are only looking for the coverage that you need for your business.

Pay upfront to save money and ask for discounts

You can normally pay a full 6 months or year of your premium upfront and save a percentage on your annual insurance costs. Some providers also offer discounts for automatic billing and may offer you lower rates if you have a better safety track record. Every insurance provider offers their own set of discounts, so once you find a quote for a policy that seems fair you should contact your insurance representative or provider to find out if you are eligible for additional quotes.

Purchase multiple policies with one provider

You may be able to purchase more than one type of insurance from your roofing contractor insurance provider such as workers compensation, business auto insurance, umbrella liability coverage, and many other types of coverage. Typically your provider will give you a substantial discount for purchasing multiple policies with them, so if you already have insurance with a different provider you should consider switching it over to your roofing contractor insurance provider, and ask them how much money you would save if you switched over.

At Insurance for Roofing Contractors we can help you determine if there are ways to save on your current insurance, and we can find you the best coverage options for your roofing business needs. Call us today for more information on how we can help you find the right coverage at an affordable cost, or click here for a free quote.

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