What Does Roofing Liability Insurance Cover?

Roofing liability insurance covers several different types of liabilities and it is critical to have an up to date roofing liability insurance plan if you are a roofer or run a roofing business. There are several liabilities that you can be exposed to as a roofer including property damage, medical payments for injuries, personal injury, bodily harm, products liability, and many others. A good roofing liability insurance plan will cover all of these types of liabilities and also pay damages so that your personal assets are protected if you are ever sued or if you need to file a claim.

The types of liability that roofing liability insurance can cover

Roofing liability insurance covers certain types of liability but not every type. Coverage will typically include:

  • Medical payments – this covers the cost of medical expenses for any person injured on your worksite including a member of the household. The payouts occur regardless of fault and protect you from liability from accidents up to a maximum amount.
  • Bodily injury – this covers the cost of lawsuits related to any bodily harm that may come to a person at your worksite or business location.
  • Contractor liability – if you hire contractors to work on a project you are protected from liability if they cause an accident.
  • Personal injury – this covers damage to a business or person resulting from libel or slander or psychological harm.

The specific types of coverage that you elect to get depend on your policy and your particular needs. Some roofing businesses do not need every type of liability coverage, and other businesses need most types of roofing liability insurance because they may perform riskier work or they may hire contractors more often.

Talk to a roofing liability insurance expert first

There are also several types of liability that are not covered, so you should be sure to talk to an insurance representative prior to purchasing roofing insurance. You will need to know the details on exactly what is covered, and you will need a custom policy designed for your particular business.

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