What Roofing Insurance can do for your Small Business

Essentially, roofer insurance protects employers from employer liability, damages to client’s property, advertising claims, product liability, and more. It’s a necessity if you’re into the roofing business. Unfortunately, some roofers go into business without this type of contractor insurance. They don’t realize that by going ahead without this policy they are only putting themselves and their business under a lot of potential risks.

You’ll never get a license without insurance. But some roofers do get away with it. They are the ones conducting construction business illegally. Going on without insurance could possibly result to more expensive claims later on.

If your business is not covered by an insurance policy then chances are you’ll have claims that may be filed against you that could affect your property. This may actually cost you more than insurance premiums. You’ll be putting your profession, your family, and your personal belongings at a lot of risk.

Employers are obligated to protect their workers from injury. Providing coverage for your employees is an added attraction for skilled employees. No employee would want to work for a company who doesn’t offer its employees insurance coverage. No insurance, no competent workers, equals to “bad business.”

It’s difficult to convince clients to work with a contractor who doesn’t have insurance. No homeowner would want to risk their home into the hands of an irresponsible employer. Customers would opt to work with contractors who are licensed and insured. These are credentials that add marketability to your business.

Damage to property of a client can be costly. If you don’t have insurance then one wrong move can take out a chunk from your profit. Poor workmanship on a client’s property could also affect your profit. Since you don’t have insurance, you may not have enough skilled workers on your team. This can lead to poor craftsmanship that could cost you charges instead of earnings. But if you have insurance then this could simply be remedied without burning a hole in your pocket.

No company is immune to future claims, especially in the construction business. Once a dissatisfied customer complains about the finished work then he or she can file claims against you. A do-over can prove to be more expensive than simply paying for a premium that can shoulder all these complications.

If you think you’re saving more money by not getting insurance then think again. Getting roofer insurance may be the wisest decision you can do to your roofing business. Should any of these undesirables happen and you have good coverage then your insurance will shoulder court costs and investigation. This type of contractor insurance can easily take all these troubles away. It will also draw in more customers to your business.

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