Who Needs Roofing Insurance?

If you are involved in the roofing business as a contractor or as a business that hires employees or contractors, you need roofing insurance. The only circumstance where you may not need insurance is if you were an employee (not a contractor) of a roofing company; in that case your roofing company would normally be responsible for purchasing insurance that would cover you. However, you should speak with your company to ensure that you are covered as an employee. You might also be required to carry a general liability insurance plan to work for some roofing employers even as an employee.

If you are an independent contractor you need insurance

Keep in mind that if you work for a company as an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own taxes and insurance so their roofing insurance policy will not cover you in the vast majority of cases. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your client or 1099 employer will carry insurance for you. You will have to pay your own overhead costs as an independent contractor, and roofing insurance is one of those costs. But, by purchasing roofing liability insurance you will protect your business and also will be more likely to gain work, as most of your clients will want you to be insured.

If you own a roofing company that hires employees you need insurance

It is even more important for a roofing company to purchase roofing insurance. If you hire employees you are obligated to purchase insurance that will cover any accidents that they make while working. Even if you hire 1099 contractors you may very well still be liable for any damages that they do while working under you. You may need to also purchase extra contractor coverage depending on your policy.

Talk to a roofing insurance expert if you aren’t sure

If you aren’t sure whether you will need roofing insurance or not, talk to a roofing insurance expert. The chances are that you will need some type of coverage no matter what type of work you do in the roofing business, but business owners and contractors are definitely required to have it. Even if you have a small budget you can purchase the minimum level of insurance, and if you are covered you can rest assured that your business and personal assets will be protected. Get a quote now for more information on the coverage options available to you.

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